MBA International Business Trade

The International Trade program offers a multidisciplinaire approach that gives students the basic principles and aware-ness to understand international business and to engage in business activities effectively in the international context.

International trade mechanisms and a practical approach will supplement the theorical background necessary for the inter-national manager.

International Strategy, an understanding of supply chain issues in an international setting will be complemented by a practical understanding of the use of incoterms and negotiation techniques for international contracts. The program also includes multi cultural management approaches and interna-tional negotiations.

The objective of this program is to train future managers in-terested in an international career as import-export manager, commercial manager, marketing manager, commercial exe-cutive, product manager…

MSc Négociation Grands Comptes et Management de Projets

1st year courses

1st term

  • Business English / Business Cases / Career Management / Communication & management / Comptabilité de gestion / Comptabilité générale / Entrepreneurship / Informatique appliquée / Jeu d’entreprise / Presentation skills / Strategy

2nd term

  • Cross cultural management / Customer relationship management / Geopolitics / International Strategy / Luxury corporate strategy / Luxury marketing / International Marketing / International Business Law / Ethics / Stratégie de communication / Supply chain management / Business English / Atelier Projet Professionnel

2nd year courses

  • Applied computing
  • B 2 B marketing
  • Business Cases
  • Business English
  • Career management
  • Export contracts
  • Geopolitics and Emerging markets
  • Energy and raw materials
  • Incoterms
  • Intelligence économique
  • International business
  • International business law
  • International finance
  • International project management
  • International retail
  • Jeu d’entreprise
  • Macroéconomie
  • Multicultural team management
  • Negociation of contracts
  • Risk management
  • Stratégie douanière
  • Supply chain management


Internship :

  • 3 to 6 months : year 1,
  • 6 to 9 months : year 2.

Professional thesis :

  • Research Methodology workshop during the first year.

Applied thesis on a professionnally selected subject defi ned by the student. The thesis will be tutored by a teacher during the course of the second year.

The purpose of the thesis is to provide the student of using his/ her academic knowledge, pursue the the opportunity to fully understand an industry and to meet with industry actors.

Examples of professional thesis :

  • How to enter the Russian market ?
  • Mobile marketing in India
  • The multicultural approach in French - Japanese relationships

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